Collar Reducer PCM


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Our unique manufacturing process guarantees same material strength for whole reducer. Minimal material machinery ensures quality from top to bottom. In particular, the uniform strength of the seams creates durability that is top class. Even in long reducers, the material strength remains the same.

Reducers are made with EN10253-3 (v=0,7) and EN10253-4 (v=1,0) standard. 

Products with EN10253-4 standard undergo tests to ensure that the entire product is homogeneous and meets the requirements set for it.

Size range DN10 - DN1200, material thickness 2-16mm and warehouse grades EN1.4307, EN1.4404, EN1.4432, EN1.4571 and EN1.4539. EN1.4462 (duplex) available on request.



We manufacture pressure-graded EN 1092-1 type 37 collars for standard sizes DN10 to DN200. There is no standard that meets the pressure equipment directive for larger cold-pressed collars.

We manufacture other collars according to the factory standard in the DN15 - DN600 range of 3.0 mm and 4.0 mm material strengths.

Stock guaranteed grades EN1.4307, EN1.4404, EN1.4432, EN1.4539, EN1.4571 and EN1.4462.



All our products are finished with pickling and passivating. With this process all impurities will be removed and beautiful matt-surface has 100% protection for corrosion.