We make welded reducers out of stainless steel.

Our unique production method ensures uniform material thickness throughout the reducer. The method minimises the need to process the material and results in homogeneous product quality.

The products are welded and include both concentric and eccentric varieties.

Our reducers are straight reducers (L=3x(D-d)) and comply with the standards EN 10253-3 or EN 10253-4. Based on customer orders, we also make reducers with special dimensions from the size DN200 up.

We manufacture welded reducers in compliance with the ISO norm as well as the NS norm.

  • Sizes from DN10 to DN1200
  • Material thickness 2,0-16,0 mm
  • The materials 1.4307, 1.4404, 1.4432 and 1.4571 are available in stock
  • The material 1.4462 is available on order


In accordance with A.6.

The reducers have a weld strength reduction factor of v = 0,7. In the calculation, the weld strength is 70% of the material strength.


In accordance with Type A and A.6.

The reducers have a weld strength reduction factor of v = 1,0. In the calculation, the weld strength is 100% of the material strength.

With certain product sizes and thicknesses we conduct the tests on every single product, whereas with others the tests are carried out on each production batch.

The tests required by the standard:

  • 100% weld inspection (eddy current or x-ray)
  • Tensile test
  • Drift-expanding test
  • Weld bend test

The tests are carried out to ensure that the product complies with the relevant standard and that the weld and the material have identical strength.

All our products are provided finishing treatments by passivation and pickling.

In addition to resulting in an impressive-looking matt finish, these treatments remove impurities from product surface and ensure that the product’s corrosion resistance properties are characteristic of the material.